Your Guide to a Safe & Healthy Summer

The official start of summer is here, and while the next few months might look different for each of us, we can all agree that it’s a time to (try to) relax, enjoy a slower pace and soak up the warm weather. In order to maintain that laidback lifestyle we all strive for, we recommend taking a little time to tackle any health and wellness tasks that might help you make the most of the summer.

Health & Safety Cheat Sheets

Whether you’re on a camping trip, traveling abroad or just hanging out in your backyard, bookmark these links to stay on top of your family’s health and safety this summer.

  • Identify the symptoms of the flu, common cold, allergies and COVID-19 with this chart
  • Keep the family and your pets safe from ticks by following these tips
  • Make sure you and/or your family members are up-to-date on life-saving skills like CPR and more, as outlined here

Travel To-Dos

Vacation is meant to be a break from stress, but being unprepared might make you wish you stayed home. Here’s what to do before you go.

  • Restock your first aid kit (pro tip: we like these blister-saving Band Aids for trips with lots of walking)
  • Make sure you have everything you need for safe and healthy travel, like hand sanitizer, masks, zinc, and vitamin C
  • Read up on dermatologists’ summer skincare musts and and make sure you have plenty of SPF

For Future You

The summer slowdown offers us a moment to regroup and get to those chores we might not have time for during busier months, making this an ideal season for doing things that future-you will appreciate.

  • Refill your prescriptions, and take advantage of any deals you can get
  • Make doctor’s appointments ahead of the fall rush
  • Review your family disaster plans in case of emergencies like power outages, fires, etc.

Soak up the Season

While we just gave you plenty to do, we do encourage everyone to rest and relax this summer, as self-care is crucial for good health. Here are a few ways to make the most of the season’s best activities, not just when you’re on vacation.

  • Hit your local farmers market for in-season fruits and vegetables (they’re more affordable and even better for you)
  • Enjoy time outdoors doing activities like gardening, playing sports, swimming, walking, etc. – both for fun and for your dose of vitamin D (make sure to use sunscreen!)
  • We know hydrating is a summer must, so here are a few ways to make your H2O more interesting

We’re here to help you get your health ducks in a row this summer and all year round. Contact us for support today.