Cancer Navigation Consulting Packages

Our primary focus is cancer patients seeking second opinions, selecting between specialty hospitals or programs, evaluating different treatment and trial protocols, and those who need help navigating the financial and legal questions that arise during their illness.

We start by reviewing your preliminary cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and any treatments to date.  We will then evaluate your current cancer care team, hospital/medical center, and the treatment and trial options available.

Tailored Plans for Optimal Care

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Initial Cancer Care Evaluation


We will guide you throughout the process of arriving at a final diagnosis. Upon confirmation of your diagnosis, we will evaluate your current cancer care provider, hospital/medical center, and the treatment and trial options available to you.

Preliminary Diagnosis to Confirmed Diagnosis 

Provider/Hospital/Medical Center

Ongoing Consulting Package

$1,000 (5 hrs) | $1,750 (10 hrs)

Cancer is a marathon, not a sprint. There may be additional services that you and your family need, such as specialist and treatment recommendations, financial and insurance planning, and other supplemental health and logistical services. If you need it, we are here for you. 

Cancer Case-Based Services

Client Testimonial

If you are wondering how Clare may be able to help you or if her service is worth it, I would like to relay to you what I consider to be her superpower.  I spoke with Clare briefly about my family’s situation, and she was able to lay out the progression of events for the next few weeks.  She was spot on and was able to prepare me and my family for each of the events, decreasing our overall anxiety and allowing us to spend time together instead of worrying about what was going to happen next.

-TR, San Francisco, CA, Age 34

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FREE 30-Minute Consultation

In this call we will review your preliminary cancer diagnosis, what tests and scans you have received, and discuss how we can help you choose the right treatment and medical professionals for you.