Health, Wellness & Logistical Services

You may have cancer, but you are still you, and you can lead a full life while undergoing treatment. We work with cancer patients and their families to provide the structure and support they need to continue to live and thrive during this challenging time.

Health & Wellness Support Services

We work with and can refer you to mental healthcare professionals who work with cancer patients, their caretakers, and their entire families online and in person. We also can refer you to nutritionists, trainers, physical and occupational therapists, and addiction specialists to support you during your cancer journey.

  • Mental Health
    • Individual and Family Therapy 
    • Patient and Caregiver Support Groups
    • Meditation and Breathing
  • Physical Health and Wellness
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness
      • Trainers Certified to Train Cancer Patients
      • Modified Yoga 
    • Pain Management
      • Acupuncture 
      • Massage
    • Physical and Occupational Therapy
    • Sleep Hygiene 
    • Smoking and Alcohol Cessation
    • Wig Purchase and Care


Logistical Services to Organize Your Life During Treatment

Life without cancer is busy enough, so you may need additional assistance while you are healing in the hospital or in between in- and out-patient treatments. We work with, recommend, and oversee service providers in the following logistical areas. 

  • Transportation 
    • To/From Treatment
    • Organize family and other transportation responsibilities
  • Meals
    • Grocery Delivery 
    • Meal Preparation and Delivery
  • Medication and Pharmacy Management
  • Child Care
  • Pet Care
  • Housekeeping, Gardening, and Laundry Services 
  • Running of Errands/Tasks
  • Organize and Schedule Support for the Above from Family and Friends Who Want to Help
Client Testimonial

Clare was readily available to suggest the other important things to consider when you get an outpatient cancer diagnosis, like helping solve what to eat, where to get a massage, and other outside help you don’t even know you need.

VL, Miami, FL, Age 44

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