Cancer Sherpa’s Favorite Ways to Keep Kids Engaged During the Summer

We’re all for students enjoying a well-earned break during the summer, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t encourage them to explore learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Students of all grade levels can engage their critical thinking skills in many textbook-free ways. Below are some of our team’s go-to ideas for keeping kids sharp all summer.

Make the most of screen time

Let’s not pretend that kids (and, let’s be real, adults) are going to spend a fair amount of time on their devices during the summer. So, why not encourage them to make the most of their screen time? Educational games and apps don’t have to look like schoolwork; even puzzles like Sudoku and Wordle take brainpower! Pro tip: there are so many podcast genres now; there’s something to pique every interest – from science and tech to TED talks on timely topics.

Let the games begin

Our team comes from the Risk and Monopoly generation, and we promise to suggest games far less divisive and less likely to start an inner-family war. Catan Junior is a great game for younger kids to learn about resources, and Catan and all of its iterations are great for older kids and teenagers. History of the World is another strategic one for older (and perhaps more patient) players.

Call on your community

Wherever you live, odds are, there are free happenings to keep kids entertained and educated all summer. Check with your local library for events as well as summer reading lists, and have kids choose books they’re excited to read. Cool off in a museum. Pop into parks nearby and see what tours or talks might be happening in the coming weeks.

Not too cool for school

Ambitious kids will love the top school programs online, like Khan Academy. Waterford also put out a handy list of educational and virtual summer camps for kids, found here. The New York Public Library has summer reading lists for babies and toddlers, kids, and teens, as well as downloadable activity and reading trackers, book log pages, and book review sheets. At the end of the day, any time spent on learning this summer will help eliminate stress and anxiety come back to school.

Do you have any favorite ways of keeping kids academically engaged this summer? Contact us and let us know!