Specialist, Hospital & Treatment Recommendations

There are over 200 types of cancer, and we can help you find the best oncologists, oncological surgeons, and cancer care teams who specialize in your malignancy. Additionally, not all treatments and trials are available at every hospital. We can help you locate the medical centers with the highest remission rates for your cancer and explain the treatment and trial options available.

Oncologist/Care Team

Not all oncologists and care teams are equal. Let us help you find the physicians, surgeons, and transplant units that only treat patients and conduct research on your type of cancer. Seeking out experts who see cancer cases like your own every day not only increases your short- and long-term survival rates but also gives you access to the most cutting-edge research and treatments available.

Medical Center

Just because a hospital can treat your cancer does not mean it is a cancer center. There are 72 National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers across 36 states that provide second opinions, cutting-edge treatment, trial options, and laboratory and clinical research, many on your type of cancer. Seeking treatment from one of these cancer centers, especially for complex cancer cases, significantly raises your long-term survival rate. 

Treatment and Trial Options

There are currently ten different ways to treat cancer, and more are being developed and tested in clinical trials every day. However, the most cutting-edge and effective treatments for your type of cancer may not be available to you unless you are at a Cancer Center with an oncologist, oncological surgeon, or transplant unit that can perform that specific surgery/treatment or administer the trial treatment/drug to you. Let us help you explore all the treatment and trial options available to you. 

Client Testimonial

Clare is part doctor, part psychologist, and part former patient.  She not only quickly read through my condition but proceeded to go through my results and identified THE expert doc to see at Mayo Clinic. She also calmed me down by sourcing multiple studies and reports about the favorable type of MGUS she figured out I had.  Her personal experience and connections were invaluable both in expediting my next steps in the hospital world but also in managing my anxiety.

-JD, San Francisco, CA, Age 53

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