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Clare and her team, have been where you are right now or have cared for someone who has. We will never tell you, “We know how you feel,” because we don’t, but we too have faced the uncertain terror of being told you, or someone you love, has cancer, and we are proof that this awful moment does not last forever. Each of us struggled to find or had to become our own sherpa and battled the healthcare system and cancer simultaneously. We each were forced to beat our own path, but that also allowed us to identify the major stages and signposts of the journey on which you are about to embark. No one should have to chart and navigate their cancer journey without the wisdom, experience, and networks of those of us who came before them. In your fight against cancer, battle-tested advocates are your best allies. Let our personal and professional experiences inform and empower you on your cancer journey until you can advocate for yourself.

Cancer is a marathon, and we are here for you for as long—or as short—as you need us. We can jump in at any stage of your journey and are happy to help you through that particular stage, the duration, and even after the completion of your treatment.

Cancer patient advocates/navigator rates vary widely, but are typically billed by the hour. Rates can be as low as $100 per hour and be as high as $400 or more and generally require a retainer.  These rates are dependent on the following factors:
    • Services required
    • Length of service
    • Advocate/navigator’s experience
    • Depth and quality of advocate/navigator’s network
    • Your location 
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No. Currently, patient advocates/navigators are not medical expenses covered by American medical insurance; however, you can pay for our services tax-free with an HSA, MSA, or FSA account.
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Yes. We have helped many patients navigate hospital halls, nurses’ stations, infusion centers, and medical appointments in person and virtually. Some patients ask their medical providers if they can record their appointments to share and review with us afterward.

The first time you are told you have cancer is known as your primary cancer diagnosis. It may be given by your general internist, an oncologist, or some other specialist you were referred to, and it is critically important to remember that it is the single opinion of one physician based on tests he/she/they ordered and analyzed.

When facing any serious health issue, especially cancer, it is essential to explore and exercise all of your rights and options as a patient and be confident that you have received the correct diagnosis. This is best accomplished by seeking second or multiple opinions from oncologists and surgeons specializing in your type of cancer. In the field of oncology and at Cancer Sherpa, seeking a second opinion is not only routine but is strongly recommended.

Cancer Sherpa will guide you through getting a second opinion by an oncologist who specializes in your cancer type, and we will facilitate as many opinions as it takes to get a definitive/confirmed diagnosis(es) and a comprehensive list of specialists, hospital/medical centers, and treatment options. At Cancer Sherpa, we STRONGLY suggest that every person diagnosed with cancer get AT LEAST second opinion.

Never fear; that is why Clare and her team are here. We will guide and support you every step of the way and help you expand your local support network. We can also assist in negotiating a modified work and/or school schedule to accommodate your treatment and recovery time.

Pediatric cancer was the genesis of Cancer Sherpa. Our founder and CEO, Clare Matschullat, was an adolescent leukemia survivor and has remained a steadfast advocate for children with cancer. We work closely with multiple Children’s Hospitals and pediatric patient organizations to ensure that your child will receive the best possible treatment and long-term healthcare outcomes.

Clare and her team can locate a medical center and specialists who can efficiently and effectively treat your cancer and pre-existing condition(s). We can also assist in coordinating physician and treatment appointments to minimize your in/outpatient time at the clinic/hospital.

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