Initial Cancer Care Evaluation

This is where we start.

Preliminary Diagnosis to Confirmed Diagnosis

Initially, we will review all of the information, tests, and scans you have to date and together determine if you need a second opinion, and if so, what type and from which medical center(s).

  • Review of preliminary diagnosis/prognosis
    • Review and discuss all results and diagnoses to date to determine if your initial diagnosis is, in fact, the correct diagnosis
  • Do you need a second opinion(s)?
    • Multiple opinions may be necessary to determine your type and stage of cancer 
  • Do you need additional tests or scans to get a confirmed diagnosis?
    • Additional testing may be necessary to determine the best course of treatment

Provider/Hospital/Medical Center

Upon confirmation of your diagnosis, we will evaluate your current cancer care provider, hospital/medical center, and the treatment and trial options available to you. 

  • Evaluation of your current cancer provider/care team
    • Does your oncologist specialize in your specific type of cancer?
    • If so, how many cases have they treated?
  • Evaluation of your current hospital/medical center
    • Does your hospital/medical center specialize in your type of cancer? 
  • Treatment and trial options at your current hospital/medical center
    • Does your hospital/medical center offer the most cutting-edge treatment available or conduct clinical trials on your type of cancer?

While this process may feel overwhelming, it is how we assure you get the correct cancer diagnosis and best cancer care available to you. We have guided children, adolescents, and adults through this process by using our extensive network of top oncologists and cancer centers to find the best fit for each patient. Our job is to partner and fight for you until you are able to do it for yourself.

Client Testimonial

She helped me to take a breath and understand that the situation was very serious, but there were things I could do to help improve my father’s odds. She guided me through how to communicate with my father’s doctors, what questions to ask, how to determine that he was in the optimal position to survive, and, ultimately, helped me transfer my father to a different hospital with a better track record of treating my father’s specific type of cancer.

-TR, San Francisco, CA, Age 34

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