Four Healthcare Hacks to Know

As a team that spends much of their time helping others navigate their healthcare journeys, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Handling your health can be something of an obstacle course, whether you’re generally well or require more serious medical care. Managing medications and insurance, or even making a timely doctor’s appointment, can be challenging – without even getting into the financial side.

That’s why organizations like the CDC have been highlighting the importance of health literacy over the last few years. Yes, your doctor has a degree, but you should also be able to receive information and make informed decisions based on your data. We make it less complicated than it sounds; here are four healthcare hacks to know.

Prescription hack

Our team can’t recommend GoodRx enough for getting discounts on a range of prescription medications across tons of pharmacies. You can compare prices on the website or pull them up on the app to make sure you’re not overpaying. Another pro tip: talk to your pharmacist. Pharmacies ring medications up differently depending on your insurance status or if you’re on medicare, etc., so make sure to ask about your options next time you’re getting a script.

Insurance hack

Our CEO Clare Matschullat lives by this one: utilize your insurance company’s online portal. Dealing with insurance companies can be daunting, so knowledge really is power here. Your portal contains all the info on your coverage, and probably a bunch of other health info too, from content on physical wellbeing to mental health. To avoid extreme frustration, consider navigating your insurance a team effort: definitely call them up if you have questions, but also do your reading so you can arm yourself with context. After all, insurance companies are out to make money, so don’t hold back on your research or questions.

Virtual hack

Telehealth is by no means new, but it’s something we’ve leaned into more since the pandemic got us used to it. It’s a super convenient option that saves you time and can also save you money. In many cases, patients pay less for a telehealth session than a normal doctor’s visit (always check pricing and/or insurance ahead of your visit). Telehealth is also a great option for mental health appointments; your one-hour therapy session can actually be one hour when you don’t have to commute to an office. If you’re feeling any stigma around men’s or women’s health issues, telehealth can be a safe space as well. Bottom line: when it’s not pertinent to be in person, being seen by a doctor, even virtually, is better than not being seen at all.

All-in-one help hack

Not to show off, but working with a patient navigator is pretty much the ultimate healthcare hack. We take care of everything from logistics to helping improve patients’ quality of life. Not sure if you need a navigator? Have questions on the above hacks? We’re happy to offer you a free consultation to send you in the right direction – contact us today.