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At Cancer Sherpa, we partner with you to chart the course of your individual healthcare journey and advocate for you until you are able to advocate for yourself.

Questions we help you navigate in your cancer journey:

I think I have cancer, what do I do?

Locate and help contact a primary care physician who will:

  • Order diagnostic tests

  • Refer to a teaching hospital for follow-up tests and, if necessary

I was just diagnosed with cancer, what do I do now?

Evaluate and discuss the initial cancer diagnosis

  • What prompted you to see your physician?

  • Who made the cancer diagnosis?

  • Are you confident in your physician and their findings?

Can you help me get a second opinion?

  • Locate and help contact top oncologists and surgeons specializing in your cancer type to review your primary diagnosis

  • Facilitate further diagnostic testing if necessary

  • Evaluate and discuss differences in diagnoses and prognoses and how they inform treatment and trial options

What are my treatment options and how do I decide which one is best for me?

Collate and evaluate all potential treatment and trial options based on prognostic data and outcomes

How long will my treatment take and what do I need to do?

  • Medical - Oncology/Surgical/Transplant Team
    • Protocol/ trial

    • Timeline

    • Set short and long-term expectations

    • Establish which team member is in charge of
      • In-Patient Treatment

      • Out-Patient Treatment

      • At-Home Treatment

      • Medication Prescription/Refill

      • Routine Tests and Scans

      • Emergency Services

    • Locate where to meet each team member for requisite appointment

I have other health conditions, do I still get treated for those and cancer?

  • Locate a medical center and specialists who can efficiently and effectively treat your cancer and pre-existing condition

  • Assist in coordinating physician and treatment appointment to minimize your in/outpatient at the hospital

What does life look like living with cancer?

  • Individual - I live alone
    • Assist in establishing a support network, starting with us!

    • Assist in negotiating a modified work and/or school schedule to accommodate treatment

  • Familial- Immediate family/household
    • Assist in negotiating a modified work schedule to accommodate treatment

    • Assist in negotiating a modified school schedule to accommodate treatment of a child or adolescent patient

  • Communal - Friends, extended family, coworkers, and classmates
    • Relationship management
      • How and what to tell the people in your life

      • Organize and schedule ongoing support from those who want to be there for the duration of your illness
        • Transportation and accompaniment to/from/at physician appointments and treatments

        • General assistance with transportation/carpool in daily life

        • Meal/grocery preparation and delivery

        • Exercise and activities that get you safely out of the house to move and have some fun

  • Professional Caregivers and Support Services
    • Acupuncture/massage/physical therapy/pain management

    • Certified trainers specialize working with cancer patients

    • Individual and family therapy

    • In-home cancer care setup
      • Delivery/removal of medical bed, installation of safety handles/bars, medial alert call system, etc.

    • In-home full or part-time nursing support

    • In-home palliative care

    • Part-time tasks and errands assistant

    • Nutritionist

    • Wig purchase and care

Does my insurance cover my cancer treatment?

  • Understand your coverage

  • Appealing insurance coverage decisions

  • Referral to professionals who assist with
    • Buy additional coverage

    • Negotiate with employer/insurance provider for additional coverage

Do I need to prepare anything financially to protect the future of my family?

  • Referral to professionals who assist with
    • Understanding cancer costs and expenses

    • Treatment/trial payment plans

    • Short and long-term financial planning post-diagnosis

Should I get my legal matters in order? (Legal Matters)
  • Medical Power of Attorney

  • Financial Power of Attorney

  • Living Will

  • Referral to professionals who assist with
    • Legal Guardianship of Minor(s)

    • Last Will and Testament

What does life look like after cancer?

  • Assist in establishing a short, and long-term follow schedule

  • Assist in establishing post-treatment healthcare regimes that can include
    • Exercise plan

    • Dietary Modifications/Nutrition Plan

    • Psychotherapy/Survivor Support Group

    • Physical Therapy

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