Why We Walk: SJIA Research & Supporting the Arthritis Foundation

While SJIA may be the round peg to the “arthritis” square hole, they are still inexorably tied to each other. And because of that, my family and I make a considerable effort to raise awareness for the Arthritis Foundation and their efforts to uncover treatments for all types of arthritis.

Celebrate World Immunization Week by Taking Action

Observed every year in the last week of April, World Immunization Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination in protecting people of all ages against preventable diseases (basically, our credo).

An Interview with the Founders of FertilityIQ

While there has been a flood of women’s healthcare companies popping up in the last few years, Deborah and Jake saw a need for making the fertility and family-building process not only less opaque but, in Deb’s words, alleviate the “total hell” of finding the right fertility doctor.

A Wake-Up Call on World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day might sound like an excuse to hit the snooze button a few more times (which, let’s be honest, wouldn’t be a bad thing), but it’s actually a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of good sleep hygiene for our health and well-being.

Celebrating Rare Disease Day

Celebrated every year on the last day of February, we honor the 350 million people worldwide who live with a rare disease.

Embracing the Power of “Third Places”

Have you been hearing about “third places” lately? Coined by the renowned US sociologist Ray Oldenburg in his 1989 book “The Great Good Place,” the third place concept is gaining traction as a crucial component of social well-being.

The Hidden Heroes of Blood Donations

When most people think about donating blood, they think about donating whole red blood cells for packed red blood cell transfusions given to trauma, surgical, and oncology patients. However, there are different types of donations that create different types of blood products that patients receive.